Balance - Light & Dark - Water Cooled Computer

This was a project that I put a tremendous amount of research and effort into.

After months of reading forums, reviews, and a lot of Reddit I decided on a color scheme, a design and the list of components I would be using. Over the course of a week during one winter vacation I toiled away with tubing, compression fittings, water blocks and computer components. 

I started with a very basic sketch of the water loop, to visualize the direction the water would flow in. My computer chassis of choice was relatively small considering the amount of cooling "power" I was attempting to fit into the space I had. 

The parts arrive! 

After more consideration, and research, I determined that 120mm radiator would not fit unlike in the diagram above. I also sacrificed the CD drive cage to fit a 360mm radiator on the top of the chassis for more cooling power.

It is extremely important to test everything before putting it in a case to make sure that nothing is dead on arrival. To do so I installed the CPU, memory, and graphics card on the motherboard, connected it to a monitor and verified that all the components were working fine.

Then it was time to attach the water block to the graphics card which required stripping the air cooler off of the graphics board and replacing it with the water block. The thermal paste and thermal pads are removed and replaced to allow optimal cooling performance.